Weyland - De Jong Foundation


About the foundation

In 2008, Tom Weyland (1931 – 2009), a lawyer and member of the editorial board of The International Journal of Cultural Property, and artist Jacqueline de Jong (1939) decided to set up a foundation to support avant-garde artists and academics aged 55 and older.

The aims of the Weyland de Jong Foundation are:

The foundation will realise these aims by fundraising and forming alliances with individuals and organisations which can contribute to their realisation.

The foundation’s assets come from inheritances, donations, tax breaks, legacies and subsidies.

The Weyland de Jong foundation is an officially recognised cultural charity or ANBI, read:  Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling.

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Methodology for fund management and allocation

All expenditure and fund allocation is at the discretion of the complete board. Where necessary, the board will request the advice of third parties. The foundation’s assets will remain liquid and will not be invested in shares or with other companies that invest capital.


Contact address:

Wynkersstraat 5  NL – 1036 KP Amsterdam,  Secretary to the Weyland de Jong Foundation

Tax reference Weyland de Jong Foundation: 8213.22.722



The honorary board of the Weyland de Jong foundation consists of

Marc a Campo, chairman

Antoon Ott, treasurer & secretary


Download annual report (2017)